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Wenn ihr euch mit mir unterhalten /austauschen wollt


könnt ihr mir gern ein Brieflein schreiben.

Ich freue mich



2 Kommentare zu “Kontakt

  1. Good afternoon (at least it is here in the United States)
    I am Carol Griffin and I am a distant, distant, distant relative. I am the webmaster for the Sack Family USA website. We are located at

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I was wondering if you would mind if I linked to it from our Sack site. I have been able to put up small bits of information on members of the huge, extended Sack family. Historical information is public but stories and projects that involve living family members are on the protected side. Since you have a blog I was hoping to link from the public side.

    Carol Griffin

    Gefällt mir

    • Dear Carol
      welcome on my little blog. I am very please that you found my blog and I love the fact that we are distant….;-) relatives. It is a great honor for me that you would like to link my blog on the Sack USA website- we are a very large family with a long tradition and I would love to hear from the US- family. Warm regards yours Silvermedusa

      Gefällt mir

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