A lined coat for springtime

Last year I felt in love with this wonderful pattern for a lined coat. (McCalls M6800)

71zFTEWOoQL._SL1500_ 51BRCabtBOL

I like elegant and feminine looks and the different styles. And finally I decided to make a mix between Look B and D with a detachable Hood.

For the fabric I bought 5m creamy wool with tiny squares and 5m golden Polyesthersatin for Lining.

I have never made a coat before and since I wanted to avoid any mistakes and frustrating moments I attended 4dayś class at a Sewing School. It was a very funny and stressfull time but I enjoyed it to learn so much.  But let us start from the very beginning


The first steps


Turning over the Collar with the Lining. And a closer look to the fabric


Two days later: The nearly ready coat without sleeves and open seam

The 3rd day was stressfull, because it was time to sew the lined sleeve and the Outer fabric sleeve together. After some frustrating moments, a number of unsucsessfull attempts ( I was thinking to give up ) and Tears in my eyes– Yeaaaaaahh! I got it.

And here is the result at the evening of the last sewing class

20150301_173818 20150301_173858

The coat is closed with 6 pushbuttons and the detachable hood is also fixed with pushbuttons.

Two weeks later I found at the nearest Oxfamshop 4m lightyellow wool for 3€!!! and I thought I must have a further coat to deepen all what I learned at school.

But now: Here are some pictures from my coat



and his little brother 🙂 (View C)- also closed with pushbuttons


The Interior: I used two different fabrics for lining ( I had not enough lining from the creamcoloured fabric so I decided to use two colours 😉 ) I like it

20150313_103439-EFFECTSAnd here with me 🙂


I can really recommend this pattern but I would not say that this is easy- some parts, especially the sleeves are very tricky and I think is necessary to sew it under instructions.

P.S. Lucia has also made a coat from the same pattern- I really like her coat.