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A blue Smooth Sailing 1930s Trouser

Although it is pretty cold here in Munich, I think it is time to have some new cloth for spring.

Since always I love these wonderful and comfortable wide 1930ś trousers- they are so timeless and elegant.


The Challenge: #2 Blue

Fabric: 3m blue heavy cotton

Pattern: Wearing History’s Smooth Sailing Mid 1930s Trousers & Shorts

Year: ca. 1930

Notions:  Silk for the hip pocket,  cotton thread, and a concealed zipp

How historically accurate is it?: I would say: 80%, I know that a concealed zipp is acutally a no go but since my Original Zipper from the 40ś was broken I decided to use a „modern“ one

Hours to complete: 1 weekend

First worn: Today for this Photoshooting

Total cost: 40€

And here are some more pictures :-).

It was very funny and  pretty cold but the evening light was perfect for a photoshooting. The blouse is also made by me according to the Romantic Blouse Pattern from Sense& Sensibility.





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