Auer Dult

Today I visited early in the morning the traditional Auer Dult.

The Auer Dult is a traditional annual market in Munich, taking place three times per year in the Munich district of Au.

The Jakobidult was first established in 1310 on the meadow on which the modern day Sankt-Jakobs Platz was established. From 1791 it occurred on Kaufinger/Neuhauser street. In 1796 Elector Karl Theodor allowed the Munich suburb of Au east of the Isar  the right to hold a fair (Dult) twice a year. From this came the name Auer Dult. With exception of the mid and post war years of 1943-1946 the fair has taken place three times per year since 1905.

The Auer Dult is considered to be the largest crockery market in Europe. Pots, Furniture and other  ceramic wares are available at numerous Standl (stands). In addition, other household accessories, natural healing remedies and clothes are available. Many stands also offer antique books and commodities. The assortment of items ranges from chamber pots to rustic furniture.

I really love the wonderful atmosphere there and I think you all can guess in which kinds of Standl I prefer: Yes.. correct. Those who offer Antique furniture, ceramic, cloth etc.

But enough idle talk.


I found this magnificent spencer at the same little Standl where I found my Dovetail-spencer.



The Jacket is closed with hidden hooks and eyes and lacing on the neck-line.

DSC02963_v1The back is very interesting. I assume that this triangle was added later, since it differs from the blue fabric. The main question is whether the material is silk. It is very soft and it is not the typical feeling of silk. The triangle is probably cotton?

DSC02964_v1 DSC02965_v1

The sleeves are very interesting: The upper sleeve is very small while it ends in a puffed sleeve.


The lining is natural and handwoven linen. Now you can see the hidden hooks. I think I will wash it carefully by hand, because the Jacket smells not really good.



Since always I had the dream to have a wonderful long Paisley Shawl. This shawl is 340 x170cm. I really love this printed fabric although it is not correct for the Regency Era. Sadly the fabric is very shiny and fragile, some parts shows holes and cracks. But I will give him a place of honor.

And finally I found this wonderful silk yarn. Caǹt wait to work with this.

DSC02971_v1 DSC02968_v1

P.S. At present I am attending a sewing class, held by a French custom designer and master tailor. I think I well learn a lot from her.